BonCode Project Sites

This site is mainly used to host open source and experimental projects. Some of my earlier code was lost after a previous site I used for hosting went dark. So, I have chosen to consolidate code here for easier indexing. Most projects have their source code published on GitHub. Feel free to take a look if you are curious.

You can download most projects from the links on the right or on top. They will lead to the hosting site.

Cookie Kit

If you are looking for a smart Cookie Consent Manager, please check out the XcooBee Cookie Kit (open source and very versatile).

Coach Chat

I am currently playing with AI and seeing how that can be used in different ways. Here is an experiment for people to play with.

Coach Chat AI

It answers football questions but the model is not connected to latest football data so it can’t give you any prediction for current season or games ;o) It also works with certain processing limits. So, if we run out of processing tokens for the month, you will only see errors. Simply, come back later and try again.

You can ask the AI Coach to design training programs or get general football coaching tips. For example, “Design one hour optimized training program for my quarterback to improve passing accuracy.” Use it with your Phantasy Football leagues or any other context or general football question you may have. Remember to have fun.

Other Info

This site is regularly updated even if the post date is not changed. You are free to use all open source projects within the given licenses as you wish and need.

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