BonCode Connector


Please use the latest download link for the connector:

Latest Release on Github

Online documentation is also updated regularly.

Previous releases are available from GitHub as well.

What is the BonCode Connector:

The BonCode AJP (Apache JServ Protocol version 1.3) Connector uses already existing pathways to connect to Apache Tomcat (or any compliant servlet engine). It is the easiest to script and deploy AJP connector in our opinion. If you need to deploy a connector with IIS in a scripted fashion, the BonCode connector will save you weeks of programming time.

The AJPv13 protocol details can be found here (

In general it is a preference question whether you use the ISAPI connection, which is the old C/C++ way of connecting IIS to other protocols or the methods implemented in the BonCode connector.

There are several advantages with the BonCode connector though:

  • no ISAPI code (less risk of memory leaks, easier debugging)
  • no IIS6 vestiges or backward compatibility elements needed on IIS7+
  • all managed code .net extensibility framework
  • works on IIS5.1, IIS6, IIS7, IIS7.5, IIS8, IIS8.5, IIS9, IIS10
  • speed and stability improvements
  • easier control by using IIS UI and handler mappings
  • no virtual directories and virtual mapping needed
  • configuration can be inherited to sub-sites and virtual sites
  • easy install/uninstall
  • support partial stream sending to browser (automatic flushing) with faster response to client
  • support both 32/64 bit of Windows with same process and files
  • transfer of all request headers to servlet container
  • automatically forward to static error pages when Tomcat is not available
  • built in simple-security for web-administration pages
  • built in advanced security for CFML engines like lucee


Documentation is available as PDF in download package or online documentation.

Quick Docs: How to connect Apache Tomcat to Microsoft IIS via AJP13 protocol and BonCode connector.

Code & Support:

All code is on GitHub if you like to expand, change, fix etc.

Use the GitHub issues to report issues for follow up.