About BonCode

This site is created and maintained by Bilal Soylu. BonCode is a handle I used for a while. Here is the explanation how I came up with it.

This site was created in response to the demise of riaforge.org which used to host a lot of my open source code. I learned only after it went offline that it had gone so I don’t even have backups of some the projects (sadness filled look ;o( ). Yes, I know, the first rule of computing, save, save, save… alas the projects that are still actively maintained are linked here and you can download.

Most source code is available on GitHub and I hope this will be more secure in the long run.

Simplified Legal Stuff: You are free to use any samples and code; all samples, unless otherwise noted, are published under Apache v.2  licenses. In short, you are totally and utterly at your own risk and merit if you use any code provided, though my heart goes out to you if you should run into issues. Obviously all content are my own totally unqualified opinions.