What is a BonCode

BonCode what is it?

The short answer to this question is, it is my handle. And, yes, I tried to be clever. I find, being clever many times to be an exercise in futility. But for some reason this stuck. I would guess it happened mainly because I developed code with that handle in it. And, being fundamentally lazy did not want to change it.

Here is the initial thought behind it. If you have a little french understanding you already know that “bon” is something indicating ¬†good. Code was meant to be straightforward reference to code, whether it is in conversation¬†or programming, or a real world puzzle. So a handle composed of two-words meaning “good code”, you say?


But, not so fast.

You can also do another take on the word by breaking it apart differently, like so: “B”, “on”, and “Code”. So, really three(ish) words.

To add a little more nuance, B is my first initial of my first name “Bilal” and the remainder is literal english. So if used in the in English context it would be B on Code, meaning my opinions on development and other puzzles in the world.

I was so enamoured by this sheer cleverness, that I never got around to getting a Twitter handler or .com domain (major face-palm). However, there you have it. BonCode it is.