BonCode Connector


Please use the latest download link for the connector:

Latest Release on Github

Online documentation is also updated regularly.

Previous releases are available from GitHub as well.

What is the BonCode Connector:

The BonCode AJP (Apache JServ Protocol version 1.3) Connector uses already existing pathways to connect to Apache Tomcat. The AJPv13 protocol details can be found here (

In general it is a preference question whether you use the ISAPI connection, which is the old C/C++ way of connecting IIS to other protocols or the methods implemented in the BonCode connector.

There are several advantages with the BonCode connector though:

  • no ISAPI code (less risk of memory leaks, easier debugging)
  • no IIS6 vestiges or backward compatibility elements needed on IIS7+
  • all managed code .net extensibility framework
  • works on IIS5.1, IIS6, IIS7, IIS7.5, IIS8, IIS8.5
  • speed improvements
  • easier control by using IIS UI and handler mappings
  • no virtual directories and virtual mapping needed
  • configuration can be inherited to sub-sites and virtual sites
  • easy install/uninstall
  • support partial stream sending to browser (automatic flushing) with faster response to client
  • support both 32/64 bit of Windows with same process and files
  • transfer of all request headers to servlet container
  • build in simple-security for web-administration pages


Documentation is available as PDF in download package or online documentation.

Quick Docs: How to connect Apache Tomcat to Microsoft IIS via AJP13 protocol and BonCode connector.

Code & Support:

All code is on GitHub if you like to expand, change, fix etc.

Use the GitHub issues to report issues for follow up.