Upgrading Railo or Lucee connector

The BonCode connector is bundled with the Railo and Lucee CFML engines. If you need to upgrade the connector you can follow the instructions here so-long as you used the Railo/Lucee installer for the initial install.

First make a backup of the connector settings and install files. They are located in c:\windows\BonCodeAJP13.settings and [Railo/Lucee install]\AJP13 .

The actual upgrade involves removing the existing connector and then installing the new version.

a) MAKE A BACKUP: c:\windows\BonCodeAJP13.settings and [Railo/Lucee install]\AJP13 .

b) Uninstall the existing connector: Run the Uninstallation program accessible in your control panel (Program and Features). Keep IIS features when prompted.

c) Download new version package (zip file) from distribution point (https://www.boncode.net/boncode-connector)

d) Unblock zip file: (http://boncode.net/connector/webdocs/Tomcat_Connector.htm#_Toc520189772) the downloaded .zip and, then, extract files.

e) Copy the extracted files OVER the existing files in your Railo/Lucee install (e.g. [install]\AJP13 where [install] is the directory you have installed Railo\Lucee.

f) Run the connector_setup.exe program and acknowledge the warning that “ALL YOUR INPUTS WILL BE IGNORED.” If you do not see this warning do not proceed. You have not completed steps a-e correctly.

g) from your initial backup in step a) copy your original setting file back from backup overriding the one located here c:\windows\BonCodeAJP13.settings

h) Stop/Start IIS.

That’s it.